Lifestyles Exhibition Opens At Dimbola Lodge

The Isle of Wight Photographer of the Year  ‘Lifestyles’ exhibition featuring 50 photographic prints from those photographers lucky enough to be selected, by the panel of judges in IWPOY 2007, opens in the Olympus Gallery at Dimbola Lodge, on Friday October 24th 2008.

An (invitation only) drinks reception will be held in the evening, as the official launch the Dimbola exhibition, which reveals a diverse range of photographic skills and covers fresh, innovative if not creative imagery, in what a small minority called a controversial ‘Lifestyle’ theme.

This exhibition, draws to a close IWPOY 2007, of which the winning  images of thirty-five photographers from the Isle of Wight,  will be on display in the Olympus Gallery, for public viewing until Sunday 7th December.

IWPOY Organisers state:

“A lot of hard work has gone into the IWPOY and subsequent exhibitions, we hope those who visit Dimbola, enjoy it, as much as we have in bringing so many potentially, keen and talented photographers from the Isle of Wight together.”

“As entries for IWPOY 2008 have just closed, we expect the IWPOY Awards 2008 presentation at the Quay Arts, Newport, on December 6th, to be yet another vote in favour of this prestigious competition and bring more Island photographers into focus.”

The exhibition begins at Dimbola on Friday 24th October at 7pm with an invitation only drinks reception and runs until Sunday 7th December.