IWPOY Awards Focus On Community

Over 100 people packed into the Cafe for the Isle of Wight Photographer of the Year Awards at the Quay Arts.

We were very grateful to Isle of Wight Council Chairman Cllr Ian Stephens (pictured)  for presenting the Awards, although admitting he knew very little about photography and that his own attempts in snapping away left a lot to be desired, he really appreciated the invite. 

We were humbled when Cllr Stephens congratulated the efforts of the IWPOY and IWDIG ethos in bringing photography to a mass audience on the Island.  Anyone who is able to succesfully focus community attention and sustain interest in any subject 50 weeks a year is to be applauded.

Cllr Stephens was very impressed at the efforts of all the photographers that had taken part and agreed the judges had been given a very difficult task in choosing 40 from the 200 images submitted.

How do we do it?

The competition ethos from inception in 2006 is inclusion and the main aim to celebrate all photographers efforts. The added bonus being to give them a chance of being part of the largest exhibition of photographers on the Island.

Michael Cooper’s image of a Misty Morning on the island won him the title of Isle of Wight Photographer of the Year 2010. Runners up in joint second place: Martin Sothcott, Windswept Clouds-Newtown Creek and Jamie Russell with Fishing the Calm Summer Waters-Shanklin Chine.

We appreciate there are a lot of people who just love taking pictures that dont want to belong to a camera club. It matters not if you are young, old, amateur or professional, photography is a great hobby and all are welcome to enter the Isle of Wight Photographer of the Year (IWPOY) Awards.

With the IWPOY we try to encourage everyone to submit their otherwise hidden gems and have a go in this FREE to enter annual competition. The added bonus being those photographers could also be in with a chance of exhibiting their work to the wider island community.

As the IWPOY is community based and non commercial we are not able to offer grand prizes, but our ethos remains the annual IWPOY awards and exhibition is for photographers run by photographers.  The IWPOY is unique within the heart of our photographic community, where everyone can come together and celebrate each others efforts.

Many thanks to our sponsors and this time round everyone had a chance to meet and thank the Judges, David George, Bob Aylott and David Betts. We also thank The Island Wine Company for supplying the drinks reception refreshments. Island Pulse have provided an overview click here

Congratulations to Bob Aylott who picked up the Julia Margaret Cameron Trophy, yet another prestigious award to add to his collection. The JMC Award is presented annually to individuals who have made significant contribution to photography. The task of trying to find a worthy recipient is always difficult, but we felt within the last year Bob raised the bar with his 1970’s Isle of Wight Festival book and subsequent photographic exhibition. Read all about it click here and more from the IWPOY click here

The IWPOY main sponsor and organiser is the Isle of Wight Digital Imaging Group (IWDIG). Established and launched in April 2004, the IWDIG meet 50 weeks a year and were the first community photography group/club on the island to recognise the future of photography and use a digital projections within their weekly meetings.

Last but not least we would like to thank all of the photographers who entered the IWPOY. Images from 30 photographers, named below were chosen for the shortlist and they are all winners.

Young Photographers: Nathan Thorley, Emma Cusworth and Jayne Maybe.

IWPOY 2010 Shortlist:

Christian Beasley
Bryony Bishop
Francis Chambers
Richard Cobden
Mike Cooper
Anne Dziedzicki
Richard Dziedzicki
Roger East
Walter Haberl
Glyn Jones
Duncan Knifton
Nick Martin
Chrissie Moore
Ian Pratt
Victor Saltmeris
Paul Sareant
Stuart Shore
Terry Smith
Martin Sothcott
Colin Trigg
David Vennings
Hannah Walker
Rosalind Wood.
Jem Seaward
Lucy Monk
Paul Lucas
Gloria Grant
Jamie Russell
Jason Swain
Matt Pascoe

The IWPOY ethos from inception is inclusion and the main aim to celebrate all photographers efforts. The added bonus being to give them a chance of being part of the largest exhibition of photographers on the Island.

Images IWPOY 2010.