Isle of Wight Photographer of the Year 2007 Judging Panel

Mick Smith – Director Quay Arts CentreIWPOY Judge 2007

Mick has most recently been involved in a SEEDA funded scheme run by Southampton City Council and Southampton University, supporting the setting up of 30 creative businesses, and was the driving force behind the Emerging Arts Talent (EAT) festival in the city.

Previously Mick has enjoyed International recognition as a pianist and songwriter and has also spent several years as the Director of a National charity.

Among his plans for the centre are a programme of outreach activities that will take Quay Arts into the community with artist led workshops and activities.  “Quay Arts is a great place with a good reputation but I can see ways that I could take that forward to serve a wider section of the community”. Mick aims to develop Quay Arts’ relationships with Island artists and to promote their activities by working collaboratively with Mainland organisations.


 Jennifer Burton – Chief Photographer Isle of Wight County Press

IWPOY 2007 Judge

  • Taken on as trainee photographer at the tender age of 18

  • After completing NCJT training, was promoted to deputy chief photographer

  • Took sabbatical leave from CP and went travelling around Australia and Thailand, which gave me the chance to experience travel photography

  • Left the Isle of Wight and moved to Swindon to work as a senior photographer at the daily newpaper at the Swindon Advertiser

  • Was offered the chief photographer postition at the County Press due to former chiefs retirement

  • Started as chief photographer in October 2006 at the age of 25 with a team of four staff photographers – and I am still learning!


    I have a major interest in press and travel photography, and would love to develop skills in wildlife photography. Working for a newspaper I work digitally using a Nikon D200, but when travelling I stick with my faithful Canon T90 which was the camera I learnt my trade as a trainee. My best jobs for the County Press have been the Trafalgar 200 celebrations and the Isle of Wight Music Festivals.


David L White – Professional Photographer

IWPOY 2007 Judge

David is a well known and established professional photographer living and working on the island. During his busy and extensive imaging career he has worked on assignments for all of the top u.k. newspapers and glossy magazines, as well as many leading world wide publications.

David has photographed many well known people including members of the Royal Family such as Prince Charles, the late Princess Diana, Prince Phillip, the Queen Mother, Prince Edward, and on many occasions the late Lord Louis Mountbatten. Top show business personalities, politicians and photographers such as Bailey, Litchfield, and many more have been captured through his lens.

During his many years as a professional he has diversified in the imaging profession to include in his activities photographic seminars presentations, and video filming. Travel photography has also featured within his career having visited many exotic and remote regions especially within South America recording the dramatic scenery and beauty there.

David is a member of the governing board of the Julia Margaret Cameron Trust at Dimbola Lodge and has along with fellow board members helped over the years guide it to its present success. He is also one of board members involved with exhibition selections as well as “THE TRUSTS OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER” with the arts label of “photographer in residence”.

We are very pleased to welcome our new panel of judges for the 2007 IWPOY awards. We know from experience that their task will be a difficult one, but we also know that their combined talents, skills and qualifications are more than adequate for the task